Wout Neirynck


Wout Neirynck

Graphic Design & Typography
Currently active in Brussels and Leuven. Contact me in Dutch, French or English. Let's get coffee.

— Education

BA - Visual Arts, Graphic Design (LUCA School Of Arts, 2015)
MA - Typography (ENSAV La Cambre, 2017)

— Experience

Intern at LAb[au] (2015)
Collaborator at P&A (2017)
Intern & Assistant at ROMA Publications (2017)
Freelance Graphic Designer at KPOT (2017)
Graphic Designer at KPOT (2018 - current)

— Other

Workshop and exhibition with StudioSpass and Large (2016)
Contributor for Harrison mag (2017)


Album Of The Life

Kanye West is one of the biggest stars in recent music-history. Since 2005, he received 21 Grammy Awards, positioning him as the number 8 on the list of most won Grammy Awards. Everything what he does, musically as well as personally, is largely discussed in the media. Regularly with negative remarks, because of his outspoken personality, often described as misogynous, egocentric, or even as mental problems. West himself communicates the most via twitter, speeches and interviews, and of course, his music. Through this channels he often comments on what’s being said about him in the media. Other reoccurring subjects are his faith, and his dreams to do the best for the world by making his art, and his support for younger, upcoming artists (in music as well as in fashion). This newspaper consists of news-articles on the subject of the outcome of his album The Life Of Pablo (2016). Because of the gigantic number of coverage in the media about everything he does or says, this newspaper is not covering certain subjects that were discussed in the media. The selection made is focussed on the outcome of the album and on the music itself.