Wout Neirynck


Wout Neirynck

Graphic Design & Typography
Currently active in Brussels and Leuven. Contact me in Dutch, French or English. Let's get coffee.

— Education

BA - Visual Arts, Graphic Design (LUCA School Of Arts, 2015)
MA - Typography (ENSAV La Cambre, 2017)

— Experience

Intern at LAb[au] (2015)
Collaborator at P&A (2017)
Intern & Assistant at ROMA Publications (2017)
Freelance Graphic Designer at KPOT (2017)
Graphic Designer at KPOT (2018 - current)

— Other

Workshop and exhibition with StudioSpass and Large (2016)
Contributor for Harrison mag (2017)



Alitec is a font collaboration between Amélie Dumont, Morgane Le Ferec and Wout Neirynck. The character design is based upon an industrial Italian logo from the 80’s. Therefore, we chose to showcase the result in the spirit of the same time and industry. We created 2 versions, one display version for bigger corps. And one text version for usage in smaller corps. The version showcased in here is the display version.